Our Newsletter doesn't suck...

Any emails sent from us, will be clearly marked as coming from PizzaSweepstakes.com… with our full contact information, and an easy way to unsubscribe… at the bottom of every mail we send.

So, if you happen to get ANY other mail (pizza oriented or otherwise) that looks spammy, it’s definitely NOT from us. Please see our Privacy Policy, for more information. The last thing we want to do is piss you off, and have you unsubscribe, after going through all this trouble to get you to subscribe. So relax:) The prizes might not be that big yet, but this sweepstakes is legit, and someday (if you do your part by sharing) the prizes could be much bigger than just a single pizza. (In fact, we are secretly planning for a ‘free pizza for a month’, then ‘free pizza for a year’, and then maybe ‘free pizza, for life’, or something over the top like that:)

So sign up, and use the tool on the thank you page, to share the contest with your friends… and if any of them sign up, YOU will get an EXTRA 5 chances at winning the grand prize: a pizza, just the way you want it. On our tab. We wish you the best of luck:)

How this site makes money...

If we don’t sell anything and don’t charge anyone any money, how can we afford to give away FREE pizzas?  Good question.

Many of the links you find on our site (which go to other businesses) are actually advertising links, that pay us a small affiliate commission, if you end up actually purchasing anything from them (not just clicking on the link.) It’s not a lot.  Margins in this industry are tiny, so in in some cases it’s only a few cents; in others, maybe it’s a few bucks, if it’s a big order… which is why we keep encouraging you to get your friends to sign up, because it’s very expensive for us to build and maintain the website, and give out free pizzas, if we have to BUY our traffic. For us, that money we are spending on traffic, is money we can put towards growing our prize offerings to obscene levels, to bring in new business.

That said, while we DO encourage and incentivize you to get your friends to enter our sweepstakes by subscribing to our newsletter, we neither encourage, nor discourage you, to click on any links you find on this site. In other words, neither clicking on the links… nor buying anything… will increase your chances of winning, anything.  There is no purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes, and it’s handled by a third party provider who does the drawing automatically, so you know this contest is being run in an honest and unbiased manner.

We know you probably understand the concept of ‘affiliate links’, but it’s important to our advertisers that we tell our visitors that the links they click on, on our site are advertisements, AND that we aren’t incentivizing any offers, or making any of them conditional upon entering any contest, or newsletter, on PizzaSweepstakes.com. So just to be clear, we don’t charge you anything for coming, or competing, and we aren’t trying to sell you anything, either.  We just make money off the ads you click on our website and in our emails:)